Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dead Day

Wahoooo it's Dead Day as my blog buddy Mel has so lovingly tagged Sunday. :)
For those of you that care this is the second to last episode before the Dead takes a midseason break. I mean come on. Is it really necessary that they take time off. Pfft they should work 356 24/7 just to make us happy. LOL... Okay I am just kidding.

Anyhow be sure to tune in tonight to see what has happened to Carol and if Daryl will be able to save both she and Beth!? I'm on pins and needles here!!!

In other news.
This week I will be doing a cover reveal/revamp for The Chosen Chronicles. I couldn't get the original files for the previous covers so I was forced to make new ones. I didn't really have a choice in the matter! I'm pretty proud of them though! They are different, but are pretty close together, flowing with the series.

I will be putting them back on the market on Cyber Monday and you don't want to miss out!!! They are going to be a special price for that day only!!

Okay lovelies... I've got work to do!
Peace out!

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